Our Vision

A warm welcome to “half way down the stairs”!

A warm welcome on your stairs!

We will visit you with our Café “half way down the stairs” in the hallways of Berlin and invite neighbors for coffee and cake to give the opportunity for a chat.

Often it is the case that one doesn’t really know the people who live next door. You ask yourself if the lady in the apartment above may own a cake form you could borrow? Maybe she even needs help to do the groceries but is too shy to ask.

We think that’s a real pity! That’s why we want to create connections – with our café “half way down the stairs!
That café wanders from house to house and stays for a few hours in one place. It gives the chance to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere with a coffee and some cake.

The café is still in its developing state. It needs your support! Interested? Got ideas? Feedback? Any way of participation is welcome! Leave a message or write a mail to info@aufhalbertreppe.de

You finally wanna connect with your neighbors? You want us to come and help?

No problem. Leave a message or write a mail to info@aufhalbertreppe.de

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